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Royal Nautic Club of Barcelona (Spain)

puntRemote measuring points of energy and water consumption through PLC system

Electric Energy Efficiency management system


Dubai airport (UAE)

puntCapacitor banks and switchgear
puntAnalogue equipment

Electric energy management and control


Pablo de Olavide University has been awarded a prize by the @asLAN
Association for its use of ICTs to achieve energy efficiency

·Thanks to the real-time control of energy
·consumption and the monitoring of
·installations on campus
·Winning in the Education category for the
·second consecutive year
·CIRCUTORhas supported the project as a
·technology partner

Pablo de Olavide University has won in the Education category in the fourth edition of the @asLAN Association awards for public bodies that implement successful projects in the application and use of information and communication technology.

The university, which won the same award last year, has won on this occasion for its control of energy consumption and its monitoring of

installations on campus through the "PowerStudio Scada" application. In this fourth edition, the @asLAN Awards were announced with the aim of highlighting initiatives to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of administrations.

editorial The "PowerStudio Scada" application allows the installations of the 47 campus buildings to be fully controlled, controlling energy consumption as well as maintenance and the monitored management of the campus. Furthermore, users grouped according to profiles can make use of the information generated by the software to manage the installations on a daily basis by accessing it online from any device.

By controlling its installations and raising users' awareness of proper use, the austerity measures taken by Pablo de Olavide University have generated estimated savings of 40 percent in electrical energy and 50 percent in drinking water.

Source: Diario de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide


The government raises the price of electricity by 7 percent in April and
reduces electricity system costs

The government has chosen to share out the adjustments among consumers, businesses and the administration. It will increase system revenues by about 1.4 billion euros with a moderate rise in tariffs and will reduce system costs by about 1.7 billion

The government has approved a package of urgent measures to resolve the imbalance

between the revenue and costs of the electricity and gas systems. A Royal Decree has been approved whose objective, on the one hand, is to reduce electricity system costs by about 1.7 billion. The cost reduction will be shared out among the various stakeholders within the system and will affect distribution, transportation, capacity payments, the financing of the system operator, the National Energy Commission and the IDAE or interruptibility.

In parallel, a tariff rise will be applied that will increase system revenue. For domestic consumers, the last-resort electricity tariff (TUR) will rise by an average of 7 percent. This decision, together with the rise in tariffs for large consumers, SMEs and medium and large industrial sectors will mean additional revenue of 1.4 billion euros.

Source: elektroprofesional.com

CIRWATT B502. Three-phase energy meter with high features


Its main features are:

·For large consumers
·Class 0.2 in active energy and 0.5 in reactive
·Tariff management system
·Configurable load profiles
·Auxiliary power supply
·Impulse output


CAMO. Transducer / Amplifier

Its main features are:

·Transducer for bus RS-232 / RS-485 or
·Amplifier for RS-485 / RS-485
·Auto-detection of speed and length of word
·3 DIN Modules

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